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Why I am Seeking Reelection to the City Council

Elected to the Madisonville City Council in 2012, I sought to be a fresh voice and vision to that governing body. I joined the council wanting to add my energy and creativity to continuing the efforts Mayor David Jackson began to refine our city government operations and better promote community development and business growth. In the three terms I have served, I believe that I have indeed contributed to the responsiveness, openness, fiscal responsibility and efficiency of city government administration, as well as having improved the quality of essential city services and increasing encouragement and facilitation of business and community growth. (See Record of City Council Service)

Responsive representation:

I want those I represent to know who I am and how to reach me with questions or concerns regarding matters with which I may be of assistance, or for which I may be an advocate. For those citizens and in those matters for which I have been contacted, I believe I have demonstrated a responsive attitude and exerted effort to address concerns in a timely way. I will continue to take seriously and respectfully concerns expressed by citizens, and make every effort to arrive at some satisfactory resolution or direction.

Transparency in the conduct of city government:

While open records and open meetings statutes provide the basics of this principle, I believe that we should continue to pursue ways to make the proceedings and workings of city government more readily accessible to the citizens of our community. The current web site refinements and its informational offerings are important elements of meeting this priority, and I intend to support extending the ways in which residents of Madisonville may be informed and involved in the affairs of local government.

Efficiency and fiscal responsibility in government:

One of the perennial challenges of government at all levels today is that of being efficient and fiscally responsible in the use of the funds taken by taxation from the citizens governed. We must be continually vigilant and critical in our analysis of operations to identify needed improvements in the efficiency of city services, and opportunities to do things better for less expense. Furthermore, we must become more alert to the demands of sustainability with regard to what we undertake, as the expense of acquiring anything is just the beginning of a commitment to then adequately and responsibly maintain it – from water, sewer, and storm water drainage systems, to roads and sidewalks, to sanitation services, to parks and cemeteries, to electric services. We need to pursue and proactive approach to maintaining city infrastructure to assure reliable operation for the future.

Quality in essential city services:

This area is one in which important effort has been made recently to more visibly address, and must be an ongoing priority. The City Council must be committed to assure that throughout the operation of our city government, as civil servants, we are indeed both civil in our handling of our interactions with those we serve, and also ever mindful that our work is one of service, a stewardship and a trust on behalf of the citizens of our community.

Encouraging and facilitating business and community growth, and streamlining regulatory process:

Often our citizens and businesses have experienced frustration with city government and its regulatory processes as they seek to pursue creative initiatives in the community or in business expansion. While important efforts have been made to address these concerns, I plan to continue to contribute to rethinking and revising our government practices and ordinances in order to more effectively facilitate and encourage private initiatives for improving our community and economic health. Current efforts through the Council include revisions to subdivision regulations and streamlining processes with the ciy for business and residential developments.

Paid for by Stevenson for City Council, C. D. Palmer, Treasurer